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About DKD

36 years experience.
1 million coffees.

It all started in 1984, a time when late night cafés were few and far between. Three young hopefuls, who knew absolutely nothing about coffee and food, decided to open a café in the famous Civic Theatre building in Queen Street Auckland. After nine months of painting, building and many late nights, they opened their doors and never looked back. Two years after establishing the business, two of the partners departed leaving Darrell to go it solo.

DKD Café’s reputation quickly grew as a great place to go before and after movies and theatre, attracting people from all walks of life. The philosophy behind it all was to provide a decent cup of coffee and wholesome food, which was value for money. Over the years our knowledge of coffee grew and in 1995 Darrell purchased a coffee roaster and started roasting DKD’ s own special blend.

In 1999, the wheels of progress ended the café’s tenure at the Civic Theatre and it was relocated to O’Connell Street, two years after opening we decided to sell the cafe and to focus purely on roasting coffee.With 36 years of experience in making over 1 million coffees, DKD Espresso brings you what we think is a very special coffee; well balanced,  with chocolate notes and berry undertones, we are also able to offer our years of coffee making and roasting experience to anyone in need of our assistance.

Please feel free to call for any of your coffee-needs and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Darrell Ahlers

About DKD - Darrell back in the day

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